After an intense (and long) process of certification of my remote control application on the Windows Phone MarketPlace, the app has been accepted !

You can find the app on the MarketPlace, and it is simply called "Remote Control" for PowerPoint. The application has been published in the US English market for now, and if you're not in the US, just choose the US English in the "World View" at the bottom.

The published app is only a sort of test run for me, and only has the capability to control PowerPoint. I'll be adding more controllable applications in the future, depending on the market reception of the app.

As I previous said in this blog, here are the new features and enhancement of this new version :

  • Improved performance
  • Support for High DPI and VGA devices
  • Windows 7 support
  • 64 Bits compatibility
  • Support for Wifi, which is more marketing abuse, and is actually TCP support
  • Support for touch screen devices, those who do not have enough hardware keys

The US English market is the only available market, for now. Other markets are still waiting to be approved, and will be :

  • Canada, UK, India, Australia for English
  • France and Canada for the French localized version

The french part certification is somewhat obscure for me, and I expecting certification surprises...

I'll also add Portugese and Spanish version in a near future.

If you were waiting for this new version, visit and please let me know what you think !