A while ago, the Montréal's STM transit system announced that they were now supported by Google Transit.

While it is possible to trace proper routes, Google's having the same problem as I do, which is that the STM is updating schedules per trimester. And since it's the STM that is providing the data and that it's not been updated since the 1st of January 2009, schedules have been incorrect ever since.

To be perfectly fair, I did not update the schedules in my application since that time too by lack of time to create a proper update procedure, but I'm not paid for that either...

Now that I've given it some thoughts, I'm now streamlining the schedule updates stops after stops as long as they are out of date. Previously, I updated the database all at once, but this does not scale... Now the updates are progressive, which is far more manageable for me.

Anyway, now there may be a simple message saying that the displayed schedule is outdated, which is better than trusting the time and blaming the STM for no reason :)