Yet another release of Bluetooth Remote Control for Windows Mobile.

This time, I've added two features that were requested for a long time, which are the ability to control application that I did not include out of the box, and the ability to use the device as a simple mouse and keyboard device.

About the first part, there is now a configuration file that allows the addition of new applications by defining each and every command that can be used on the mobile side, and their corresponding action. I intentionally did not comment the file, this is not meant to be modified by a standard user, but rather by an experienced user or developer that wants to control a custom application. The configuration file will hopefully be really simple to understand for a developer. So, if you understand how this file works, just feel free to add a new application, or update an existing if it does not fit your needs.

Now about the part with the keyboard and mouse. I added a new "application" which actually is not, which is basically a pass-through for mouse and keyboard actions. You'll be able to move your mouse and type in any key you want in the focused window. On my TyTN II, the key mapping is a bit funky when using the function key, but I'll try to fix that for a future release.

Both features are fairly stable, but I suspect minor issues to come up as users are using it. Feel free to comment !

Download version 0.9.0 at

Here is the change log :

  • Fixed warning message when ActiveSync is not detected to install the mobile side program.
  • Added application definition file.
  • Added screen control application.
  • Fixed Widcomm PC side support when transmitting large chunks of data.