This is one of the biggest missing features of VPC 2007, the lack of USB passthrough support. The lack of a proper snapshot feature is annoying too, even though it is possible to move Undo Disks to simulate snapshots. But I still prefer VPC 2007 over VMWare, mainly because I find the latter to be too intrusive and unstable...

Anyway, I was looking for any update to VPC 2007 for the support of USB devices, in one form or another, maybe with a beta VPC 2008 or 2009. This is still not happening but, I came across this software, Usb over Network, which does exactly what I need to do.

This software is particularly easy to install, and it works right after being installed. I'm able to "export" my integrated USB Bluetooth dongle to the VPC, and it works like a charm ! I'm able to run both bluetooth stacks in controlled environments, without crippling my main OS with multiple stacks.

A really nice software, not free, but really useful if you're depending on USB hardware and you want to test it in a virtual environment.