Last Monday, I attended a GUVSM meeting with Rod Paddock and it was a great presentation. Rod is an interesting speaker, and he seems to have some sort of an independant view on Microsoft technologies. I'm also joining Guy Barette to thank Rod for his long trip visit in Montréal !

He's been talking about MIX'08 and all the Silverlight buzz. He was also here to talk about 10 Open Source tools worth looking at, and he's mentionned BlogEngine.NET. This blog engine kept my attention, not because it's particularly easy to install, but because it's able to use an XML datasource to store its data, that it has a pretty small foot print and that it is extensible.

Back at home, I gave it a look, and decided to switch to this engine. There's a bunch of features that can be a pain to develop and stabilize, like PingBack and TrackBack protocols. It's nice to have it out of the box.

I'm just hoping that it is going to increase the visibility of this blog. We'll see :)