There I am ! I'm now in Montréal, enjoying my strike-free environment ! Weather's still good with a pleasant temperature, at the end of the "été des indiens".

After visiting a bunch of canadian administrations, I'm now enjoying some peaceful time with my wife, visiting some places and friends we've seen the last time we went there. People here are so much cooler than in Paris... No one rushing even at peak hours in the subway, people waiting in line to take the bus... I like that ! I'm told that compared to Québec city, Montreal life is stressing. I wonder how's life in Québec ! Point of view and stuff... 

Relocating is not an easy thing to do, with so many things to think at once, like selling stuff, terminating contracts and stuff. Well, this is done now :) If you ever need to ship some personal effects from france, I can tell you that "Bagages du Monde" is doing great.

My new job at Averna is starting in a few days, I'll be telling you a bit more by then ! (as well as show some pictures !)