There it is : Bluetooth Remote Control for Windows Mobile, 0.8.0-Beta1

A lot of updates for this release, like support for iTunes, or support for external events like phone ringing, or taking a call and binding it to an application command. Now the last used application is remembered, and it is possible to disable an application, to have only applications that are actually used.

There's still no documentation for all that, but I'm sensing that the application has reached a "critical mass" that starts to need a documentation to avoid letting some features in the dark.

Anyway, on the menu, you'll find :

  1. Added support for phone event binding to application commands, such as Ringing and Take Call or Hang Up. (Windows Mobile 5+ only)
  2. Added the ability to disable an application, rendering it invisible from the mobile device, see the key bindings section.
  3. Added support for iTunes.
  4. Added last application remembered upon launch.
  5. Fixed sound mixer support for Windows Vista.
  6. Added sound volume binding in Media Player Classic.
  7. Fixed device search on mobile side not ending when bluetooth stack is not supported.
  8. Fixed Media Center icon.
  9. Fixed Media Center name not fitting on smartphone screen.
  10. Added support for Windows Mobile 2003 for PPC.

Have fun :) And of course, if you find bugs -- and I'm sure someone will -- please drop me a mail or a comment !