It's been a while since I've taken any vacations, and I decided to spend some time in a country I don't know : Canada. Montreal, to be a bit more specific.

It's the first time I'm crossing the atlantic and after seven and a half hour, we land in a snow storm. A big one, for what I've been told. 30cm in a few hours, which is more than the road services could handle. But unlike in Paris, where three centimeters of snow are disrupting the traffic, here people just drive slower and safer. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that french drivers are bad, only paris' ones :)

Anyway, with all that snow, I couldn't resist taking some pictures. Here is what we're having by the time I'm writing this post, there an other bunch of snow flakes whitening the streets. I don't really want to be outside at this moment :) The wind's push the snow kinda fast.

Fortunately, snow's not always falling from the sky. This is a picture taken from the "La Fontaine" park, where you can experience some ice skating on a frozen lake. I'll definitely try that one !

Drivers have to be handy with the shovel... You can see most of them getting outside their parking lot using the accelerator to go over the huge amounts of snow being pushed by the side by snow plows.

There are a lot of bikes here and there. The fun part is seeing all of these half inside the snow...

I'm intrigued by these big things on top of electric pylons... Anyone knowing what this is ?

Anway, this seems to be quite a nice country. We'll be visiting more parts of the city in the next few days. I'll try to post some more picture here :)