Quite a few people have now been using the latest beta for a while, and I get most of the time feature requests, sometimes non critical bugs like the Remote Client not connecting if the host PC is not discoverable, and not so often blocking bugs.

The one Krijn Wijnands (thanks !) has uncovered might involve Windows XP 64 Bits. The remote client does not connect to the server, and he's using an hardware configuration that's proved to work fine.

I do not own a 64 bits machine and if any of readers of this blog or user of this utility uses Windows XP 64 bits, please leave me a message. I'll be glad to hear from you.

The client version of this software do log much out of the debug build for now, but I'll add some more for extensive diagnostics.

From a pure developer point of view, .NET 2.0 64 Bits should not change a thing, but I suspect a P/Invoke issue that I've not covered. That should give me a reason to upgrade my server to 64 Bits ;) For the sake of the testing, of course.

For the next release, I'll be adding generic support for applications, configurable using a static xml file (there's no point on modifying this at runtime)

If you have some other wishes that come to mind, feel free to speak !