Montréal Bus Stop Locator Site and the iPhone

By Jay at November 01, 2008 11:13 Tags:

Cet article est disponible en francais ici.

I've updated my utility WebSite to look a bit better on the iPhone (Thanks, Mr Sanx).

Now, the next buses schedule are a bit easier to read and past schedules are visually easier to leave out.

There are some other features that are in the oven, I hope to push them online soon enough :)

The geolocation on the iPhone would be a plus, but unfortunately, Google Gears is not available on the iPhone. There seem to be some sort of extension named weblocate:// to do this from a web application, but that seems a bit shady...

Anyway, you can visit the Web Site here from your Windows Mobile, iPhone, or desktop computer at this address :


Here's an example of what it's looking now :



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