Bluetooth Remote Control 0.8.4

By Jerome at December 09, 2007 20:06 Tags:

This is my first Canadian based release :) This is also a minor release that addresses a few issues and adds some cheap features that have an important added value.

Download here.

I've changed some minor things like :

  • Adding panning control to Winamp and the Windows Mixer
  • Adding the ability to start the server minimized to tray
  • Adding a Start with Windows option at install time and on the server side menu
  • Adding the ability to keep the Backlight on for the Mobile Side when connected
  • Adding new bindings for the Windows Media Center (Channel Up/Down, Zoom, The Green Button)
  • Building using Windows Broadcom SDK and Windows CE SDK
  • Fixing mobile side crash when tapping on the screen in some situations
  • Adding a more explicit message when the Bluetooth Stack is not supported on the Mobile Side.

I'm also considering a migration to Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5, but this means that I'll have to drop the support for WM 2003 based devices. VS2008 does not allow the compilation of .NET CF 1.0 projects, which bugs me a bit. So this release might be the last to support WM2003 devices. I don't have much of choice either... .NET 3.5 muses are quite appealing !

Have fun !

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