Vista Versions and Confusion

By Jerome at January 31, 2007 15:36 Tags:

If you follow the news surrounding Windows Vista, this must not be a surprise for you but, Vista's commercial offer can be quite confusing. Confusing enough for jokes to surface like these two here and there.

Of course, Paul's trying to explain it simple enough by breaking down version features, but I'm not sure that end real end user's going to get it. Plus, if you add the OEM/Retail differenciation, that confuses it a bit more. And I too don't know which version I'm going to get...

Anyway, with "upgraders" the biggest problem for Vista is that there is no "gotta get" feature, but reather a myriad of features that are worth looking into but that are not visible at first sight.

One that is definitely not visible at first sight is SuperFetch, which actually has no UI. This one's tweaking your computer by trying to guess what you'll be doing next and prefetch files that you'll probably need. All that based on your computer usage. Obviously, if it is based on comptuer usage, and you just look at it for 2 hours, you're not going to get the best out of it. And this one's pretty effective.

So, my advice for people in that position, just give it a try and don't tell yourself  "Oh yeah, right... that's Windows XP with a fancy UI, that's all...", that's not the way to go.

Just my two cents...

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