Visual Studio 2008 Solution Tree Items Collapse

By Jerome at March 17, 2008 19:26 Tags: ,

Even though there is a way to expand all nodes in the solution tree of Visual Studio 2008, there is no way to do the opposite, which is collapse all. Not collapse all top level nodes, but collapse all child nodes, one by one.

There's a bug in VS2005/2008 that prevents a node from being collapsed properly for some obscure reason. The Expanded property keeps on being "true" even if set to "false".

Fortunately, a fix by Scott Kuhl which was working with Visual Studio 2005 is also working with Visual Studio 2008. The script is doing some trick to simulate a DefaultAction each node, which seems to collapse a node without using the Expanded property. 

Nice trick :) It avoids me the burden of hitting the minus and enter keys numerous times...

Visual Studio 2008 : Where is my Solution Explorer item sort gone ?

By Jerome at December 11, 2007 13:58 Tags: , ,

As a new user of VS2008 and senior user of VS2005, you may just just start to convert your projects to VS2008. Good. Then you look at your solution and start to look for your favorite project in the Solution Explorer and have trouble finding it... Of course ! The list is not sorted...

You may wonder, where is that sorting gone ? Well, I don't know exactly but it seems that if you select a project, press F2, then enter without modifying a thing... The tree sorts itself out! The bad thing is that you can't save that sorted list, as it seems that it is only the TreeView that sorts the item list, not the internal list that is sorted... I know for a fact that there are some PowerToys that sort the entries in the SLN file, I'll try to look for that.

How could something as visible as this has passed through the beta phase ? :)

"No files were found to look in. Find was stopped in progress." in VS2005

By Jerome at June 19, 2007 07:08 Tags: ,

There are bugs, mystical bugs I may add, that no one has been able to reproduce, nor find a fix for, well at least that do work on every occurrence. VS2005 has one of these, where when you try to use "find in files", you get a "No files were found to look in. Find was stopped in progress." and that's it. No disk access, no registry relevant access, no relevant file access.

Some have found that pressing Ctrl+Scroll Lock may help, well, it did not help for me. Some other tried the reboot, which seems to work better. You can also
spin around three times on your chair before doing that, that might also help.

Then I remembered that some times, because it seems that the CLR maintains some kind of "cross process state" (I don't know what it acutally is, so I'm just guessing) that cripples all the .NET processes that are running. The only way to reset that state is to kill all processes that are using the CLR.

That means killing every standard application, plus IIS's aspnet_wp, and if you have .NET 3.0, PresentationFontCache.exe, ...

That did the trick for me, after killing all these processes and running VS2005, my search was up and running :)

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