Snow in Montréal, QC

By Jerome at December 04, 2007 20:16 Tags: ,

Well, how original is that. Snow in Montréal. The last time there was that much snow in here at this time of the year was many years ago, and this time 40 centimeters fell from the sky in 24 hours. For what I can see here and there, some are happy about that, some a bit less. Schools are closed, traffic quite a bit jammed and offices part empty.

PublicLight in a Snow Storm
A Whole lot of Snow

Anyway, as long as you're on foot and have waterproof winter boots, that's good... and for now that suits me. I just wish I won't be needing a car in a too near future ! Is that really a car under this ?! :)

I just had to slide down to the street. The ambience outside was particularly interesting, and that was a pretty good moment to take some shots !

Snowy Stairs


By Jerome at August 15, 2007 15:47 Tags:

I'm getting more and more interested in digital photography... That's why I'm now going to post more and more of my pictures on flicker.

Things I like about that is that I can use my existing knowledge for the digital part :) About the artistic part, well... I'm learning. Depth of field, aperture size, exposition time, white balance and stuff like that... many things to configure before taking a picture :) But I like it !

You can see them by clicking on the flicker badge on the right side of this page.

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